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The Misquoted Adventures

The Misquoted Adventures of Kendrick and Skye
Jul 1 '12

Out of context, this is a bit rape-y. (With guest star Skye's Mom.)

  • Skye's Mom: "Everything about me is harder than everyone on the planet! Here, touch!"
  • Skye: "Wow, that is pretty hard."
  • (We were talking about her tense muscles. For clarity's sake.)
May 24 '12

Pilates? No, “pole-lates”!

Skye: “Would you judge me if I took a pole-dancing class?”
Kendrick: “Depends on how good you are.”
Skye: “WOW.”

May 8 '12


  • Kendrick: "Skye, can I borrow your filter water bottle? I want to get water from the fountain before my voice lesson."
  • Skye: "Yeah sure." (gives he to him, he leaves)
  • (A short while later, Skye receives a text)
  • Kendrick: "I just dropped the filter of your water bottle on the ground. Oh, the irony."
  • Skye: "This is why we can't have nice things!"
Apr 24 '12

Life Lessons.

  • Kendrick: "You can't un-judge once you done judged."
Apr 23 '12

Jellicles can… and jellicles do.

Taylor: “My cavity hurts…”
Skye & Kendrick: (in perfect unison, with no prior planning) “MACAVITY, MACA—” (they realize what has happened and are shocked)
Taylor: “What just happened?”

Apr 16 '12

Breakfast at Chick-fil-A

(Skye gets her order and is holding a dark-colored beverage)

Kendrick: Isn’t it a little early for Dr. Pepper?

Skye: Actually it’s tea, but thanks for the judgement.

Apr 6 '12


Skye: “Are these shorts too short?”
Kendrick: “Skye, you wear booty shorts every day!”
Skye: “No, I don’t!! …. Well, yes I do.”

Apr 4 '12

RACISM. With guest star Katie.

  • Katie: "Does Kendrick like grape things??"
  • Skye: "Yes, yes he does."
  • Katie: "Black people like grape things! 100% of the black people I know like grape things!"
  • Skye: "All two of them?"
  • Katie: "100%."
Mar 24 '12

Bigfoot Sighting.

  • Kendrick: (sees talk black man crossing road) "Look, it's me!"
  • Skye: "It looks like your dad."
  • Kendrick: "What?"
  • Skye: "It looks like your dad impersonating Bigfoot! He's swinging his arms so fervently!"
  • Kendrick: "What does that even mean??"
Mar 23 '12

Procrastination at its Finest.

  • Kendrick: "Skye, wake up! It's 7AM, we have to write our paper!"
  • Skye: "7AM is bullsh*t."